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  • Newsletter - 29 January 2018


    Welcome to this month's Newsletter. The great weather for golf has continued, although not so good for our farming Members. I think even those in Auckland have realised that Southland is not under snow all year round! Whilst the course is drying fast, having just returned from a road trip round South Island, there are a lot of very brown courses. The water level in the irrigation pond is, of course, falling but I am reliably informed that the pond is deep enough to not cause immediate problems. The lower water level and warmer water may persuade Gavin Haig to strip off and look for his phone that he lost when his trolley took off and ended up in the pond several years ago! 

    Overall the course is still in fine condition and will be great for the Regional Ford Classic on 10th and 11th February. If you have not already entered please do so as we need all the support that there is to make it a successful and financially beneficial event. Remember the more the Club makes from tournaments helps to keep our subs down.  

    Many thanks to those that have been cutting logs, it is making a difference and will leave less for burning once the total fire ban is removed. Please go and help yourselves, but be careful. I can assure you the heatwave will be over long before June and most will need logs to keep warm! The fencing around the course that was removed for tree felling will be replaced but not immediately as it may be necessary to get access for machinery re putting all the waste for burning in suitable places. 

    You will all have noticed that the two shelters on the course by the 4th and 17th holes as well as the toilet by the 6th tee have all been replaced/completely renovated. Many thanks to Ivan Butel and Doug Potter for the construction part and Murray and Sandra Speden for the painting. Much of the materials used have been donated, in particular by Dongwha and Polythene and PVC Products.

    On the Clubhouse the old blackboard has now been replaced by a smart whiteboard which shows local rules etc.  

    A Joke to finish 

    An argumentative drunk had been looking for a fight all afternoon in the club bar after losing his match, finally aiming a punch at the man next to him. The man ducked and the drunk, losing balance, fell off his stool on to the floor. By the time he'd dusted himself down and picked himself up, his opponent had departed.

    "Not much of a fighter, was he?" he complained to the barman.

    "Not much of a driver either, sir," said the barman, gazing out of the window. "He's just driven over your clubs."

    Enjoy your golf.

    Peter Kemp