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  • Newsletter - September 2018

    Gore Golf Club Newsletter 31/10/2018

    Welcome to this month's Newsletter.

     With daylight saving in place Twilight golf is now underway on a Tuesday evening. If you have not been involved and can get a team of 3 together to play an Ambrose then turn up for a fun 9 holes, starting any time between 3.30pm and 6pm. Having said that it will not be happening Tuesday 5thNovember because the South Island Police Championships are taking place from 4th to 6thNovember and the course will be closed to Members on those days.

     The Police Championships attracts a field of 80 and a lot of work is being put in by Club Members to make it a success and provide good income for the Club. As the players come from all over New Zealand they will need to store their clubs each night in the locker room at the back. Can all Members ensure that anything they normally keep in the locker room that is not in a locker is removed from Saturday to Wednesday. Anything still there will be removed to one of the sheds for storage and will need to be recovered from there. The intention is that anything put in the shed that has not been claimed in the next 3 months will be disposed of.

     The course is in great condition despite difficult weather conditions. Because of the Police Championships there will be more marking of GUR areas.

     The other big event in November is the Betta Electrical Trilogy. Whilst entries officially closed 31stOctober I am sure if you contact Grant direct he will still get you in. I have a couple of people interested in playing that do not have a team of 4 so if anyone is interested please contact me ASAP.

     You should all have received the package of information for the AGM on Friday 9th November so do try and attend.

    Grant and Ann Carran enter all the scorecards on the Golf NZ website for handicap calculation purposes which takes time. They are finding more errors recently on the cards that then takes them even more time in trying to resolve. Can we all take extra care in completing the cards and in particular cross check with each other before signing. On a Stableford day it is good practice to complete the boxes for gross score less handicap to see the net and compare with Stableford score eg. a net of 71 for men should equal 36 points, a net 72 equals 37 points and so on.

     On the recent survey the question of balls coming to rest (not plugged) on the side of steep dongas was raised as a Health and Safety issue. The Committee has had further discussions on this and decided that the dongas are an integral part of the course and apart from embedded balls which can be dropped without penalty all other balls should be played as they lie. However we do not want to see people taking unnecessary risks so would remind everyone that taking a penalty drop is always an option. A one stroke penalty is a much better option than a potential trip in an ambulance!

     You will have seen in the last week or so smart new signs at hole 6 for Daiken Ltd (formerly Dongwha) and at number 12 for Shane Knapp Builders who is a new sponsor of the Club and Shane is also a Member. FlooringXtra in Gore are the new sponsors of hole number 3 and their sign will be in place as soon as Jim Marshall has completed it. BW Electrical have decided after 9 years not to renew their sign for 2019 but Phil Mowat's firm Southern Plumbing and Heating Ltd Gore have agreed to take it on from the 1st January. Please support all our Sponsors where possible as they are all important to the Club.

     A joke to finish

    Player "I lost my wallet on the 7th hole last week and it had $1000 in it"

    Partner "Have you offered a reward?"

    Player "Yes $100"

    Partner "What happened?"

    Player "Some other guy offered $250 reward!"

    Enjoy your golf.

    Peter Kemp