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  • Newsletter - July 2018

    Gore Golf Club Newsletter 31 July 2018

    Welcome to this month's Newsletter. It is good to be past the shortest day and looking forward to increasing daylight and hopefully gradually improving weather. The course has stood up to the winter remarkably well and is a credit to Maurice, Barry and volunteer help.

    You will have seen that the plantation areas beside 14 and to the left of 17 have now been replanted with many thanks to David Udy with some help from Lloyd Black. The trimming of the lower branches in the plantation to the right of 7 is largely complete with thanks to Geoff Horrell for the chain sawing and a team of branch picker uppers including, Shorty, Melvin and Stan. Some infilling with soil has started on a couple of holes and grass should soon complete recovery of those areas once warmer weather arrives. There are still a number of heaps from fires etc. to be picked up but that will not take place until the ground firms up.

    Please keep an eye on the rules board for up to date rulings but the main change at the moment is that any ball going into the replanted areas must be dropped at point of entryunder penalty of one stroke. Other GUR area rulings remain unaltered.

    Entries close for the McCorkindale and Hurley Cups this Saturday. For those that are not aware it is a singles knockout matchplay competition with full allowance for handicap. It is played in 2 divisions of under 18 handicap and over 18 handicap. It therefore suits all golfers as anyone can win regardless of handicap unlike the Club Championships which favours golfers with handicaps just above the split of sections. It costs nothing to enter and matches can be played anytime that suits, so please put your name on the sheet regardless of whether you think you have a chance as everyone has an equal chance! If any of you are not going to be up at the Club before Saturday you can email me on and I will add your name to the list.

    I have received a number of survey responses for which I am grateful but could certainly do with more. Like everything it is the more vociferous ones that want changes that reply first and those that do not want much to happen do not bother to send in replies. The downside of that is that, as the Committee wanted views all have to be considered and at least some actioned so more replies would be greatly appreciated to perhaps give a balance. If all present recommendations are adopted then it would result in considerable changes to All midweek and Saturday golf. I perhaps light-heartedly compare it to the last NZ election where I think many of the 30% who did not bother to vote assumed nothing would change! (I am not saying whether the result was good or bad for the country, just that not doing anything may not get the result you want!).

    I was so pleased to see whilst I was away that Jack Prattley after only, 61 years of membership got his first Hole in One at the 9th. Congratulations Jack. I do not know how many other Clubs have two 80 plus year olds (Brian Elder the other) getting their first Hole in Ones in the same calendar year. Persistence pays and gives the rest of us hope! Jack feels waiting another 61 years for his next may be a bit out of reach!

    Peter Kemp