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  • Newsletter - September 2019

    Gore Golf Club Newsletter August 2019

    Welcome to this month's Newsletter. The days are getting longer and it must be getting warmer as cutting of the fairways and rough has recommenced with the equipment all having had its winter maintenance. 

    As you all know Maurice has been off work for a number of months following his fall at home. He is making progress but it is much slower than he hoped for and he has very reluctantly decided that the time has come to step down. He has written a heartfelt resignation letter, a copy of which I have attached to this email. After over 50 years a very big step for him to face up to and his letter has been accepted with reluctance by the Committee. Maurice, being the person he is, has offered any help that the club may require by way of advice not only on course preparation but on irrigation and drainage etc. Something that I am sure will be taken up. Barry and John O'Shea have been keeping in regular contact on what is happening. A celebration for Maurice's time with the Club will take place shortly after the AGM on Friday 8 November. More details to follow but make a note for your diary as I am sure everyone will want to support an event that recognises Maurice's enormous contribution to our golf.

    The Committee have decided that the way forward is to advertise for a part time person to oversee Barry and the volunteers. The period of advertising is now ending and a suitable person has been identified but until negotiations are complete and an employment agreement signed I cannot provide more detail. It has to be a part time person as the Club cannot afford a full time position.

    A great deal of thanks needs to be given to Barry for really stepping up as well as to John O'Shea and Brian McLennan and others for the considerable number of volunteer hours they have completed. Not surprisingly they are finding it difficult to justify, to their families, the extra hours they are away from home, so the new position needs to be filled ASAP.

    Even once the position is filled the volunteers will still be cutting fairways and rough and any extra volunteers, ideally with some tractor driving experience, would be greatly appreciated. Please let myself or John know if you feel you can help if only on an occasional basis. John has asked if it would be possible to have a fridge in the maintenance area for lunches and cold drinks for staff and volunteers. If anyone has a working fridge they are no longer using (does not need to be very large) could they either deliver to the Club or let me know and I will arrange transport.

    You will see in the next couple of weeks a new sponsors name appearing on hole number 8. This is New World Gore whose new owners are Simon and Nicola Hollyer. Simon has also joined the club and in the past has played representative golf but he admits a new business and a young family does restrict his appearances on the golf course. Simon has also agreed that he is happy to be the sponsor of the Christmas Hamper competitions which will now be known as the New World Christmas Hamper and will supply New World vouchers at discount as prizes. Many thanks Simon. As with all our Sponsors please look to support them as they help to keep Gore Golf Club going.

    At the recent Committee meeting a discussion took place regarding the future of mixed Saturday events in view of small turnouts - indeed Thomas Nichol and Jo Osborne won the last event as the only entrants! It is a sign of the times that we have fewer ladies wanting to play on a Saturday. It seems that one answer is to still have the competitions but apart from the competitions where the trophy states they are to be mixed (2 Trophies) make the winners of the trophy a pair made up of any combination, Men Ladies or Mixed. Of course Ladies are always welcome any Saturday and we do have a number of regular Saturday Ladies who not only play but have had considerable success in winning. It is always a shame when a long tradition, such as mixed events has to be reduced but unless we have a good level of Ladies against the change that is the likely outcome. Please let either myself or Deborah know of any views you have before the next Committee meeting on 19 September. Next year's Saturday programme is already in draft form and needs to be finalised early November for printing.

    A number of you probably already know that after many years of renting the house from the Club, daily opening and locking the Clubhouse and cleaning the Clubhouse Chris and Sandra Gentle are moving to another house in Gore. The Club thanks them for what they have done and wish them all the best in their new house. A decision on the house, opening and locking and cleaning will be made once the house has been looked at to see what may be required. However short term from 15 September the Clubhouse will need opening and locking daily. Anyone interested in helping please let me know. I am sure the Club can cover any petrol expenses at a reasonable rate!

    Good golfing.

    Peter Kemp


    027 604 1007