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  • Results - July 2022

    3 July at 11:08 from atlas

    First National Real Estate Medal & Craigs Investment Partners Putting 2 July 2022

    Geoff Horrell 88-24-64, Julian Morris 74-5-69, Steve Loney 96-27-69, Bill Price 82-12-70, Lloyd Black 83-13-70, Gavin Goudie 99-27-72, Craig Burns 76-4-72, Colin Dickens 89-17-72, Teena McColl 83-10-73, David Linklater 86-13-73, Geoff Sadlier 89-16-73, Brent Horne 90-17-73, John Barnett 96-23-73

    First National Real Estate NTP: Graham Craig

    Focus Technologies Nett Eagle - No 14: Ann Carran

    Heaps Landscaping Birdie - No 18: Teena McColl

    MLT Longest Putt: Noel Soper

    Two's: Graham Craig, Pat Hurley, John Barnett, David Linklater, Julian Morris, Geoff Horrell

    Craigs Investment Partners Putting: Julian Morris (28)

    Bannerman Cruickshank Pryde Stableford 9 July 2022

    Shannon Robinson 37, David Udy 34, Colin Waddell 34, Bill Price 32

    First National Real Estate NTP: Don McConnell

    Colossal Contracting Nett Eagle - No 10: David Udy

    Colossal Contracting Birdie No 10: Jackpot

    MLT Longest Putt: Ivan Butel

    Two's: No.

    Par 16 July 2022

    John Coughlan 3up, Brent Horne 2up, Chris Kubala 1up, Drewe Carran 1up, Colin Waddell A/S, Paul Hurley A/S, Grant Briggs A/S, Colin Dickens A/S, Bill Price A/S. Graham Waddell 1 dn, Craig Burns 1dn

    First National Real Estate NTP: Scott Hellier

    Sign Advertising Nett Eagle - No 5: Donny McDougall

    Focus Technologies Birdie No 14: Jackpot

    MLT Longest Putt: John Coughlan

    Two's: Scott Hellier, Barrie Newport, Paul Hurley, Grahame Ellery, John Barnett, Shannon Robinson,

    Aitken Memorial Canadian Foursome, 23 July 2022

    Paul Hurley & Colin Waddell 77-10.5-66.5, Thomas Nichol & Grant Briggs 72-5.5-66.5, Shannon Robinson & Blaire Lowry 81-13.5-67.5, Harry Worker & Sherry Loney 82-13.5-68.5, Don McConnell & Graham Craig 82-12.5-69.5, David Udy & Lloyd Black 86-15-71

    First National Real Estate NTP: Sherryl Loney

    MLT Longest Putt: David Linklater

    Two's: G Briggs & T Nichol x 4, G Ellery & C Waddell, S Loney & H Worker, B Lowry & S Robinson, P Kelly & C Dickens

    Aggregate Stableford 30 July 2022

    Ann Carran & Noel Soper 80, Grahame Ellery & Jonathan Hellier 71, Colin Dickens & David Hewlett 68, Bill Price & Ross Haslemare 68

    First National Real Estate NTP: Ross Haslemore

    MLT Longest Putt: Lloyd Black

    Regional Ford Nett Eagle - No 7: David Udy, Don McConnell, Keith Hovell

    Two's: Noel Soper, Grahame Ellery, Sherryl Loney, Drewe Carran


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